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Automatic Tea Bag Packaging Machines


1.TOPY VP420/500/620/800 Middle Speed Vertical packaging Machine



Suitable to pack tea,coffee bean, seed, sugar, salt, spice, potato chips, puffed food, jelly, pet food, snacks, gummy, etc.

  • PLC controller with touch screen interface

  • Servo-driven end seal jaws

  • Servo-driven film transport

  • Hot printer and film feeding system synchronous

  • Quickly changing one-piece bag former

  • Eye mark sensor for film tracking

  • Stainless steel frame


Optional device:

Filling nitrogen device, gusseted device, punching jaws, chain bag device, PE film device, venting device


Technical advantages:

 Low cost high gain, high speed and efficiency。 


 MITSUBISHI PLC control system, large touch screen, convenient to operate

 Film drawing down system and horizontal sealing controlled by servo motor minimize the loss with complete automatic warn protection function

The feeding, measuring, filling, sealing, date printing, charging (exhausting), counting and food product delivery are all finished when it equips with feeding and measuring equipment






Bag Size





(L) 50-380mm*


Bag Speed

     15- 60bags/min


15- 60bags/min



Film width




Air consumption

0.6Mps  0.36m3/min

0.6Mps  0.4m3/min

0.6Mps  0.7m3/min

Power supply

3.0kw, 220V 50/60HZ

4.0kw, 220V 50/60HZ

4.5kw, 220V 50/60HZ

Packed Dimensions




 For more details see the pls


Q1, Do you need the packing machines for premade bags or bags from roll of film?

For roll film we advise VFFS packing machines VP420, VP500, VP620, VP800, VPL1000 and VPL1200. For premade bags we advise doypack machine working on bags with or without ziplock


Q2, What products do you pack, solid, granule, flake, powder or liquid?

For liquid we advise piston or motor pump, for powders we advise auger filler or volumetric cup filler, for solid, flake and granules we advise multihead weigher, linear weigher or volumetric cup filler.


Q3, What are the bag sizes and target weight in each pack?

For VFFS packing machine the minimum film width we work on is 120mm, the maximum film width we work on is 1200mm.

For doypack machine the bag width working on is minimum 70mm and maximum bag width 4550mm.


Q4, Does your company work on OEM?

Yes, we have a professional design and technical team to do the customization


Q5, What’s the delivery time after the order is placed?

We arrange the shipment in 30-35days for standard machine。 It takes us more days for customized machines


Q6, How about the warranty?

The warranty is 24 months and we provide lifelong maintenance。


Q7, What can you provide after service?


We provide machine running video, instruction manual in English, spare parts and tools for installation. Also our engineers are available to clients’ factory and technical training.

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